Beta Upload Process Overhaul & Enhancements

We’ve upgraded our PDF and ePUB conversion and have re-converted our existing uploads through the improved ebook rendering tool as well as made it clearer as to what you need to do. This will mean better samples and ebooks for you: which is great!

During the Beta we’ve found that we get quite a mix of uploads and formatting so we’ve amended our upload process to make it clearer as to how you get the best looking ebook from our site when you upload your main prose, sample prose, cover picture and cover thumbnail files.

It’s important to get the best looking ebook from our site possible, enabling you to get the most views, reads, feedback, comments and downloads. Read more…

The enhancements we have implemented will mean more consistent, higher quality conversions of your upload files into samples and ebooks. We still need you to have your source files conform to these few things to ensure that our sites PDF and ePUB rendering engine produces the great quality ebooks we know it can for you.

To give you the greatest opportunity to have your work viewed, read, downloaded and rated your ebook conversion through our website needs to look professional. Getting the upload process correct is integral for you to have a great ebook looking at the end, so please review this carefully.

Ensure that your files are fully prepared to be converted into an ebook by going through this check-list before you upload.

File A: Main Body eBook
This is the complete story that you’d like to upload.
- In DOC/DOCx/WordML/ODT/TXT formats
- Formatting, spacing, & fonts are consistent
- Pages are a standard width & length
- Text is central to the page width
- Page Breaks are inserted at the end of each chapter

Do not:
- Add a cover picture as part of the main body

Have you:
- Checked spelling, punctuation, grammar
- Proof read and edited thoroughly

File B: Sample eBook File
This is the preview that other members can see for free.
- This should be 10-20% of your main document
- The Sample is the beginning of the work.
- In DOC/DOCx/WordML/ODT/TXT formats
- Refer to Main Body (File A) for formatting

File C: Main Cover Picture
This will be the main cover image we use in your PDF/ePUB ebook.
- Should be in this format: JPG
- Should be this size: Width 595 x Height 842 pixels
(It’s better a little over than under)
- Is not offensive in any way
(Unnecessarily explicit material will be removed from the website without notice)

File D: Preview ‘Thumbnail’ Cover Picture

This is the visible image of your ebook across our website.
- Should be in this format: JPG
- Should be this size: Width 107 x Height 152 pixels
(It’s better a little over than under)
- Is not offensive in any way
(Unnecessarily explicit material will be removed from the website without notice)

Uploads that do not conform to the above may fail the conversion process completely or they may not look as you had intended.

All checked? Great, now you’re ready to upload.

Welcome! Remember to be an active part of the community by reading and rating other writers ebooks, and by using our social & sharing features to spread the word about the one’s you’ve enjoyed.

Don’t forget that the first 75 uploaders will be entered into our Beta Upload Competition to win a fantastic professional MSS report from Cornerstones Literary Consultancy.

Happy writing, reading and rating!

The iWriteReadRate Team

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