Crowdsourced blog post: ‘What is the best writing advice you’ve ever received?’ #iwrr

We were talking last night about our social media communities and how we can interact, engage and talk to you more; as well as use all the great knowledge and experience you have to help other iWriteReadRaters on their writing journey.

One idea that we thought was pretty good was this one.

We would like to crowdsource an article for our blog from our followers across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The question is:

‘What is the best writing advice you’ve ever received?’

Let us know on Twitter (using #iwrr), Facebook (comment on our wall), or LinkedIn (mail us).

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We’ll take all the best advice and compile it into a blog post, listing all the contributors with links to the social media account you got in touch with us with.

We’ll post reminders about it as well across the platforms.

We think this could be fun! Would be great if you could join in.

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