#WriterSpotlight – An Intro to the Dark Recesses of my Mind by Jonn Blanchard (@JonnBlanchard)

Continuing our Writer Spotlight series, we’re delighted to host an article by Jonn Blanchard. Jonn was one of our first members to upload an ebook when we launched the Beta and has been an active member ever since.

Writer Spotlight is an opportunity for our members to draw attention to their iWRR ebook as well as to them as a writer, their style and interests. We’re not looking for anything in particular – so feel free to let your creativity loose!

Read Jonn’s article…

An Intro to the Dark Recesses of my Mind

by Jonn Blanchard

Writing for me is always an interesting battle between actually committing an idea to paper (well, file) and fending off other shinier ideas.  My general method is that I’ll have the beginning of a story, I’ll work at growing it – try to figure out where it’s actually going – then at the crucial point where I’m ready to actually begin it, my brain will kick in another, different, idea.

I know I’m not unusual in this respect, there are plenty of people out there who have to fend off a hundred different ideas to finish one, and there must be plenty who have the willpower to succeed in that.  Until I work that problem out I’m not going to get there – but I am working it out.

This sort of comes to the question that most authors are asked, where do you get your ideas.  My ideas come from a vast array of sources.  I’ve got a big interest in science, technology and archaeology.  You can see their influences in my short stories on the site.  Other than that my ideas just sort of appear.  They don’t start as fully-fledged stories, but I’ll get a kernel of an idea and then I’ll try to work on it.  The idea for Dark Histories started when I was reading an article on the Parthian Battery and started to wonder how introduced technology would affect a civilization.

From that small idea I started building a world.  I intend Dark Histories to be an introductory prequel to a series of books.  Lord of a Forgotten Relic, the first in this series, is about one chapter in so far, so a very long way to go.  I guess the main advice I’d give from my process is to never discard an idea, even the smallest, simplest notion can become a full story.

My influences are fairly wide ranging, but the main ones would be Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Elizabeth Moon and Iain M Banks.  You won’t see much of the first two in what I’ve released, but they definitely inspire my more light-hearted writing.  Elizabeth Moon is a great inspiration on my story telling and Iain M Banks culture books made me want to write Science Fiction.

Now, why do I write?  Simply put, because I’ve always wanted to.  I grew up reading and the thought of creating my own universes and having readers becoming part of those universes gives me a genuine thrill.  I know I’ve got a long way to go before I can write as well as my literary heroes, but I’ll keep trying until at least I’m happy.

View a free sample of his fiction novella by clicking here:

Dark Histories & A Mind Forever Wanders

Connect with Jonn directly here: Twitter

Great insight into your process, Jonn. Can’t wait to see your next ebook on the site. Thanks for submitting!

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