#WriterSpotlight – Swords, Steampunk and…slippers? by Caitlin McColl (@arrawyn)

Continuing our Writer Spotlight series, we’re delighted to host an article by Caitlin McColl. She now has three uploaded ebooks on iWriteReadRate & is an active reading & rating contributor.

Writer Spotlight is an opportunity for our members to draw attention to their iWRR ebook as well as to them as a writer, their style and interests. We’re not looking for anything in particular – so feel free to let your creativity loose!

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Swords, Steampunk and…slippers?

by Caitlin McColl

A small drop of ink, falling like dew upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.

This quote, by the famous Lord Byron, I think sums up poetically why I write. I write because I want to impact people with my words. To make them think or experience things they might not otherwise, or open their minds to experiences or worlds that are slightly different from their own. A different perspective.

I have always loved to read, and I grew up reading fantasy – stories that can transport you to another world, and take you away from the ordinary, the everyday. And even though I read other kinds of books from literary, to thriller and mystery and even horror, fantasy will always be my first love, which is why I love to write it.

Maybe not traditional fantasy about dragons, and wizards and the epic hero, a big burly man with a sword out to save the day, at least not anymore, but I write about regular people, going through struggles that we all face, as human beings, and maybe just with a little magic thrown in as well. A little sprinkle of fairy dust overtop the ordinary issues that people deal with, to make them a little extraordinary, something that makes you look and your own life, and the world around you in a different light, with the ability to mask the humdrum days we all have – those cold, grey, rainy, depressing days. The days you have to get up extra early for work, and battle morning rush hour. The days you accidentally sleep in, lock yourself out of the house and realize your still wearing your slippers.

Take a look at Steampunk for example, which is the genre of the novel I am currently working on, following on from my short story From the Ashes. Steampunk is more than just flying air-ships and people in Victorian dress, horse-drawn carriages and steam-powered machines, or clockwork people. All the machinery and Victoriana, and old-fashioned ambiance is just a thinly veiled critique on society, and ourselves. It allows us to think about ourselves, and how we treat others, and our world.

And you might ask yourself, well how do you write? Personally, I write what I see. And hear and feel and experience every day. I take my ideas from everywhere – maybe a bit of overheard conversation on the bus or perhaps a painting, or even just the natural world – how the sun struggles to shine through pitch black, ominous clouds, or maybe an old dilapidated brick building. That is how the seed gets planted. I take a painters approach to writing. I get the bare bones of the story down on paper and then I go back, touch it up to bring the story to life. I try and capture the picture I see in my mind, and transfer those thoughts and pictures from my mind to the paper. Words have meaning, and power. After all, isn’t the pen mightier than the sword?

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