New! iWriteReadRate Writer Services – Member Discounts!

We love writers, we love readers, and we love ebooks!

iWriteReadRate has teamed up with some leading organisations to provide writers with a variety of services. We’re pleased to let you know that as a member of iWRR you are entitled to a discount should you wish to utilise them to help improve your ebook, writing & editing skills, or take one of their courses.

It’s really exciting to be able to offer you these services through iWriteReadRate.

Make the most of your ebook by engaging them to improve your work and writing for the future to give yourself the greatest opportunity for success.

We’re launching with two initial offerings from established and respected organisations. They are: Cornerstones Literary Consultancy and The Writers’ Workshop.

Take a look at who they are and what they can do to help you progress in your writing journey.

Check out the services & discounts here: iWriteReadRate Writer Services

What do we ask of you in return for these great discounts? All iWriteReadRate ask is that you are an active member of the community, that you interact with other members by reading/rating, uploading your work as ebooks, and use our sites social media features to spread the word about the ebooks you have enjoyed on our site. That’s all!

We’re also looking for additional organisations willing to offer a discount for our members. Do you offer services to writers? Would you like to be included in here? Email us at:

Happy writing, reading and rating!

The iWriteReadRate Team

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