#WriterSpotlight – A Life of Adventure by Janet Parfitt (@mrsbongle)

Continuing our Writer Spotlight series, we’re delighted to host an article by Janet Parfitt. Among many other things, Janet is a practicing witch! She’s been a writer for ages and has written poetry, short stories and a novel. She’s just started work on her second novel.

Writer Spotlight is an opportunity for our members to draw attention to their iWRR ebook as well as to them as a writer, their style and interests. We’re not looking for anything in particular – so feel free to let your creativity loose!

Read Janet’s article…

A Life of Adventure

by Janet Parfitt

I must be the most boring person in the world. When people ask me what I
do, nowadays I always say that I’m a writer because if I say I’m a housewife you can
see their eyes glaze over with tedium. I’ve waited tables and washed dishes and
cleaned hotel rooms and done filing and typing and just about every other menial job
created; all of which have bored me senseless. But I’ve always longed for an exciting
and adventurous life. When I was a child I had an invisible friend called Charlie who
went with me everywhere and we had exciting adventures together; now writing
has become like an invisible friend to me, and with it I can have the kind of fabulous
adventures I’ve always dreamed about.

At forty six years old it’s unlikely I’m ever going to become an astronaut or a
cowboy or a pirate or anything else exciting like that. But as a writer I can create new
worlds, journey to other planets, shoot it out with the bad guys and stake Count
Dracula through the heart if I want to. Writing is like having your own Tardis where
you can travel through time and go anywhere that your imagination can conjure up. It
is the stories and the setting and the fabulous characters that you can live with and
become that keeps me writing. Not for me the kitchen sink drama; I live that so I
don’t need to write about it. I suspect that’s one of the reasons why my main
protagonists always tend to be men because when I write I want to be as far away
from me as possible. Every story is like a magic carpet that carries you off into
another exciting adventure and although most of the time you might know where
you’re going to end up, as all writers know there will be times when the story takes
hold and surprises you and your best laid plans are swept away by the momentum of
the narrative to somewhere else all together.

And of course, when you’re writing the story you get to play God in the sense
that everything is going to happen the way you want it to and if it doesn’t you can re-
write it until it does. You get to say who wins and who loses, however it is not this aspect
that I find the most attractive; it is the sense of not just writing the adventure but of
living it out in your head. In real life I may be as dull as dishwater but in my
imagination I’ve had some amazing adventures and I know I shall keep on
adventuring as long as my imagination keeps dreaming.

Now…where shall I go today?

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