The Journey of iWriteReadRate (up until now!)

Take a look at this short article from one of our Directors, Adam Charles, about the journey the iWriteReadRate team have traveled up until now, what’s inspired them, and what drives them forward.

The Journey of iWriteReadRate

by Adam Charles (Director of

It’s been a little while since I wrote an article for our blog in the vein of The Story of iWriteReadRate, The Social Experience of Reading, or The eBook Revolution. We’ve been so busy with the Beta, engaging everyone on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn and building our roadmap of enhancements it’s just simply not been possible. I apologise, it’s about time that I put a short piece together for you all.

I’d like to start by saying that we’re all blown away by the response, encouragement, interest, and positive energy from everyone we’ve met so far. I’m personally thanking you all for your support up until now, and sincerely look forward to this continuing into the future.

From when it all began with the wire-frames over eighteen months ago, to the registration page being launched in December 2010, to the iWRR Beta opening for testing in May 2011. At all of these points in our development to the moment that you’re reading this, we’ve all strived to develop a place for writers and readers like us to communicate and play; to embrace their love for books, for stories, for adventure, for ideas, for something new.

At every stage we’ve been delighted to meet interesting, motivated and talented writers. Our commitment at the beginning, and one that carries us forward, is to continually seek new ways to support our members on their personal writing journeys, and give readers something new to think about. This is what we’re here for.

Our journey to this point hasn’t been without hiccups – we’ve had a few moments – and every time we believe that we’ve come out stronger than before. We’re constantly buoyed and inspired by the dedication of the amazing people we’re meeting daily through our site and Social Media networks. This is what drives us forward.

Like the journey of a writer, it wouldn’t be worth doing if it wasn’t a challenge, against the odds, and with doubt creeping in at every turn. To badly paraphrase something someone once said; none of us choose to do these things because they are easy, we choose to do them because they are hard. We choose to do them because we believe in them; which, in my opinion, is the most powerful thing of all.

Our mantra drives us forward on our journey: We love writers. We love readers. We love ebooks.

So, what’s next?

We’re more motivated than ever to build an open community for writers and readers, by writers and readers for them to interact, publicise, feedback and sell ebooks, in a friendly, dedicated, constructive and easy-to-use environment. It’s inspiring to see you all engage with us, it really is.

What’s next? Well, that would be telling. It suffices to say that we can’t wait to tell you about the next stage of our sites development.

All that’s left for me to say is:

What are you waiting for – iWriteReadRate…do you?

Visit us today to get involved in our growing community of writers and readers:

Our eBook Website – (click on Beta Site)

Supporting our writers with Writer Spotlight

Developing our writers with our new Writer Services offering

Paying our writers up to 70% of their ebook cover price

Competition, Writing Advice, Interviews & More

Happy writing, reading and rating!

Adam Charles

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