#WriterSpotlight – I do it to Entertain by Georges Sherman (@GeorgesSherman)

Continuing our Writer Spotlight series, we’re delighted to host an article by Georges Sherman. He has a short story action and a fantasy novella ebook on iWriteReadRate.

Writer Spotlight is an opportunity for our members to draw attention to their iWRR ebook as well as to them as a writer, their style and interests. We’re not looking for anything in particular – so feel free to let your creativity loose!

Read Georges’ article…

I do it to Entertain

by Georges Sherman

Why do I write? I do it to entertain. Telling stories is a natural thing. When I was a young boy in a children’s home and we were in bed with the lights out, we told each other stories. One evening a new woman was in charge and as we were getting into bed we told her that we had stories in bed. She asked us where the book was and we explained that we took it in turns making them up. That was the end of her involvement. Telling stories is one thing, writing them down is another. That is the art I am studying.

Ideas are the most important thing. I do not think you can say I’m going to have an idea, but when one does come it is much more important than how many words you have written that day. The start and end of Charlie and Monty came as one idea so I had to explore the rest of it. Charlie and Monty is a short gangster story but it is also a story about two men who have been friends for most of their lives but now their lives are coming to an end, as their friendship also comes to an end. The question is: does friendship last after death?

Jacko and his Grandfather started off as a story about a Warrior Hero. However, then Jacko and his Grandfather popped into it and it became two stories progressing alongside each other but separate. One a warrior the leader of his clan. The other a young boy who only had his wits to help him plus his Grandfather’s teachings. Jacko and his Grandfather are nomads who live off the land and breed horses. Their life is a good one.

I like the idea of the supernatural coming into everyday life and I try to explore this in both these stories. I am new on twitter if anybody would like to talk. Hope to hear from you.

Short and sweet! Thanks for your submission, Georges.

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Charlie & Monty, Jacko & his Grandfather

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