#WriterSpotlight – The Delightful Agony of Creative Writing by Winnie Khaw (@aeskis)

Continuing our Writer Spotlight series, we’re delighted to host an article by Winnie Khaw.

Writer Spotlight is an opportunity for our members to draw attention to their iWRR ebook as well as to them as a writer, their style and interests. We’re not looking for anything in particular – so feel free to let your creativity loose!

The Delightful Agony of Creative Writing

by Winnie Khaw

I admit, the first thoughts in the process of fictional writing which spew from my imagination are spontaneous brain vomit, but I’ve found that they are also often better ideas than those on which I spend painful hours attempting to concoct a plausible story.

That being said, the rest of the storytelling procedure can be agonizing as well as fulfilling. My work is the child of a long pregnancy, and if others find it deformed or otherwise defective when finally birthed I have the tendency to weep in despair and hold my poor, defamed offspring even closer to my breast.

I turn to creative writing not because I am capable of nothing else—though that, ahem, may perhaps play a role—but rather because as a closet intellectual masochist I relish the creative pain of composition in addition to the delirious joy of completion.

As can be perceived from the stories I’ve posted, my subject matters are quite distinctly bifurcated into the following areas: romantic comedy set in a faux-England, and tragedy epics set in a quasi-East Asia. Sadly, though I labor with great care on the latter, the former are much more palatable to general audiences.

Thus, I am led to question my sanity and my taste. Am I mad? Why am I the only one who likes this sort of flamboyant, bombastic prose? I try desperately to recall that many writers struggled with trying to please their audience before establishing their own distinctive style, but I’m quite afraid of my life grinding a dully screeching halt at the “struggling” stage before ever reaching fulfillment.

According to popular consensus I ought to stick to comedy—though I feel more like an afterthought post-it note.

Writing much like other creative arts is an immensely rewarding enterprise, though filled with peril and uncertainty perhaps than jobs involving plodding, monotonous tedium but which promise stability. As an aspiring author I brandish the flag of perseverance: keep writing, improving, and submitting!

Fight the good fight, Winnie! Thanks for your article.

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