Increase Your Class by Reading & Rating (#iwrr)

We don’t talk enough about a nice little feature of our site. This article is to give you a quick overview of iWriteReadRate Reader Class.

Increase Your Class by Reading & Rating

Your Reader Class can be found in the ‘Rate’ tab. You start, perhaps unsurprisingly, as a ‘Newbie iWriteReadRater’ and progress through a series of upgrades (nope, we’re not going to tell you what they are!).

Your Class Value (the number of Ratings you’ve given) is displayed next to your profile picture on all your reviews on iWriteReadRate.

Simply by reading & rating the ebooks on iWriteReadRate your Class Value will increase organically. Each review and rating you give will increase your Class Value. Once you reach a certain number of ratings your Reader Class will upgrade to the next level.

Plans are to increase the visibility of this feature in the future. Once out of Beta we’ll be looking to drop in some advancements to this. By reading & rating now you can be ahead of the game, and maybe even have a senior Reader Class to proudly call your own.

Visit iWriteReadRate to improve your Reader Class now (click Beta Site)

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