#WriterSpotlight – Double Double Toil & Trouble by SJ Byrne (@SJ__Byrne)

Continuing our Writer Spotlight series, we’re delighted to host an article by SJ Byrne.

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Double Double Toil & Trouble

by SJ Byrne

In my mind, writing is similar to the mystical arts; it’s not for everyone and anyone involved in the practice has their own personal way of doing things.

Like most people, in grade school I was taught the basic method of creative writing and spent many years believing I had to follow a specific format for things to work properly: come up with an idea, draft an outline, and begin writing on page one until the story is complete. After six years of unfinished manuscripts and ten years of creative silence, I have found a formula that works for me!

Obsessively organized, my writing has become a chaotic ritual full of surprises. Using a refillable ACME pen, and a spiral notebook, I write down whatever scene comesto me in that particular session. The heavy weight of a ball point as it slides across paper, leaving behind the mark of a world begging to be explored, is nothing less than magical. Session by session, I never know what part of the book will reveal itself next; the endmay be finished before I know the heroine’s name. After a section of writing is complete, I enter it into my laptop, editing as I go and as the story progresses in this fashion, its timeline is revealed so that I may begin pulling all the loose threads together. When the process is done, I have written a full length novel with deeper characters and plot linesthan I could have garnered from my typically rigid synopsis.

Sound confusing? I thought it would be too. Hit with the idea of skipping around, I was convinced I’d finally cracked. How would I keep track of important details in such disorganized chaos? Believe me, I tried finding ways; using index cards and diagrams,everything was written down until I was thoroughly flummoxed. Only when I let go of my need to control the process did things fall into place; the characters suddenly tookcare of themselves and their details. My true style had been born.

The way I write isn’t for everyone, but I find the chaotic rituals open me to receivea story itching to be told. I tend to think of it as channeling instead of creative writing. I don’t come up with ideas and form a story around them; I am merely the conduit throughwhich it all flows, never knowing which word will pop up next, until it’s on the page beneath my pen.

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