4 Quick Reasons Why Your #eBook Cover Is Critical

It has been a little while since we posted on our blog (we’ve been very busy with Project Prometheus). We thought it was definitely time to add this article about why having a good cover is critical to your ebook.

4 Quick Reasons Why Your eBook Cover Is Critical

(It’s so important we said it twice!)

Visual - We know, don’t judge a book by the cover. Everyone does, it’s just a fact. Your cover needs to look pretty good. Confronted with a web page of ebooks, we’re sure you selectively click on those with the best covers as well.

Time - In the Era of eBooks you have even less time to draw the attention of a reader to your work. We’d guess that you have much less time with an ebook to captivate a reader than you would if they were browsing a printed copy in a bookstore.

Perception – As a hard working, dedicated, committed writer you owe it to yourself (and your readers) to have a good cover. You spend serious time reading, editing and re-reading your ebook; consider your cover as much of an investment of your time.

Narrative - You can start to tell your story with your ebook cover. It’s a great opportunity to bring people into the world you’ve created before they’ve even read a word.

We don’t think that you need to pay someone to create a cover; we definitely think you can do it yourself – just remember to take time and care with all elements to ensure that your ebook stands the greatest chance of drawing the readers in. Although, if you want to, there are plenty of people out there that can create a cover for you.

Check out our guest post on ebook covers here: eBook Cover Design Advice. Read the section on cover/thumbnail pictures here: How To Upload Your eBook To iWRR

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