Why We Are Excited About 2012

It’s going to be an exciting year for writers and readers. 2012 promises to build on the foundations & progress of 2011. Here are a few reasons why we’re excited about the upcoming year.


eBooks – It continues to be an exciting time to be a writer and a reader. eBooks and eReaders/apps continue to expand. This continues to offer writers ever more options to build their platform and find their audience. We believe 2012 is going to see continued development across all elements of ebooks. The time is now to get comfortable with the tools available to you as a writer and reader.

Social - With the continued proliferation of ebooks, as well as ebook devices/apps, Social (with a captial ’S') is going to be important to writers and readers in 2012. Social Media is now where people speak and discover; with ebooks becoming more embedded, the importance of being Social will continue to grow. We’re big believers in the power of these positive interactions and how they can break down geographic and demographic barriers. We will be embedding more features in iWRR to enable you to have more conversations through our website & onto tools like Twitter and Facebook.

Multi-Platform – We see there being continued growth in demand from readers to be able to discover, download and read ebooks irrespective of what device(s) they have. We believe that the best way to experience ebooks is in an open environment across the various devices, connected to an enthusiastic and supportive community. It shouldn’t matter what devices are being used, you should always have access to your ebooks and be able to interact with your audience. We’re excited about the ability to download and read ebooks instantly and anywhere, and believe that this will be of increasing importance in 2012.

Project Prometheus  – We emailed all existing iWriteReadRaters the first part of Project Prometheus last week. We’re truly excited about this as well as the two remaining features we’ll launch soon. Project Prometheus in its entirety will add new dimensions to how you experience and interact on iWriteReadRate. We’ve put a great deal of time into these elements, and look forward to showing you them soon – we’re sure that you’ll enjoy using them and find them useful.  Remember: registered iWriteReadRaters will be the first to discover more. If you’re not registered yet, you can do so here: iWriteReadRate Registration

Go Live – We’ve been in Beta testing so far to ensure the core site has stability as well as offering a simple and easy-to-use interface. With the rollout of the full Project Prometheus we’ll be almost at completion of the Beta phase. Once we ‘go live’ we’ll be moving from the testing phase to a fully live site. We’ll be refreshing a wide range of elements to refine the site ahead of going live. We’re always pleased to hear from you; if you have any thoughts on how we can improve, you can always email us at: betafeedback@iwritereadrate.com.

We’re more enthusiastic than ever to help writers improve & prove your writing, find your audience and build your platform; as well as providing readers with access direct to writers to enable them to discover new voices, stories and ideas.

The iWRR community is for you as either a writer or a reader (or both!). In 2012 we need your support to help it bloom – it will be what we make of it!

We look forward to connecting with you in 2012.

Have a great New Year!

What are you waiting for? Become an iWriteReadRater for 2012: iWriteReadRate (click Beta Site)

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