An idea, self-doubt, research, trepidation and just going for it…

The journey of has been very much like that of a new writer on the verge of sending out their hard work to be viewed by people they’ve never met for the first time.  We started with an idea – pure and simple – we researched, had various moments of self-doubt, concern, and trepidation.  Eventually we decided to go for it, to put the idea out into the world to live on its own.

Since we launched the Registration Page, our blog, and our Social Media groups the interest and support for what we’re doing has been nothing short of fantastic.  We’ve met some great people, learnt so much more about the industry than just through our earlier research, and begun to develop our community.  Thank you to you all for getting involved, we believe that this is the start of a vibrant online writing and reading community.

The great thing is that it’s only the beginning.  With our Beta site launching in a few weeks, the idea of is becoming a reality; sent out into the world to live and develop as an independent entity.

We’re excited and enthused by everyone who has already joined us, your involvement and interaction will be crucial in making the site come alive and bloom.

If you’ve not registered yet you can still do so at to receive:

- pre-launch Beta site access

- enter our competition to win an eReader

- our monthly newsletters

We look forward to seeing you as active and constructive members of the community soon.

Happy writing.

The iwritereadrate Team

What are you waiting for –…do you?

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