App-Tastic: Project Prometheus Part One

Here at iWriteReadRate we’re all talking about Project Prometheus. As we’ve shared with you already there are three parts that are designed to add new dimensions to the experience you receive with us.

We’re delighted to unveil to you the first part…

Project Prometheus Part One is a whole new way to browse, discover and experience ebooks with us. We’re truly excited about the extra dimension it brings to both our writers and our readers. Without further ado, we’re proud to unveil to you that…

…it’s a free App for your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

We’re delighted with this first release of our App; we hope you enjoy using it.

This first Beta release of our App features:
- Browse all our ebooks in a mobile friendly environment
- View full reviews from other iWriteReadRaters
- Give first thoughts on an ebook
- Download free PDF samples direct into your ebook reading App (e.g. iBooks)
- Buy an ebook that catches your eye, pay 100% securely with PayPal, and download directly to your device ebook reading App in standard ePub format

How to download our free App:
– Click our iWRR icon below from your mobile device
– Click to ‘Add to Home Screen’
– Browse, discover, read & enjoy

Visit our website to fully rate and review the ebooks you read on the App.

Click the icon below on your mobile device to download our free App:

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iStream: Part Three

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