4 Quick Reasons Why #Editing Your #eBook Is Essential

Continuing our “4 Quick…” Series, here’s a short article about why attention to detail and focus are essential during the editing process for each and every ebook you produce. Read more…

4 Quick Reasons Why Editing Your eBook Is Essential

Professionalism. Always aim for the highest standard possible that you can achieve. We understand that sometimes it is hard to keep plugging away at editing, following the hard work getting your idea down in writing to begin with. Follow a simple editing framework like this: Obsessive Self Editing = part of being a writer. Make this part of your writing process and the results will always be the best they can be. The work doesn’t end with the story; that’s what separates the professionals from everyone else.

Your readers don’t want to read an ebook that is rife with frustrating little errors. They won’t come back for more if you lose them on their first adventure into your writing. In the world of ebooks, building a platform, a readership and people that come back for your latest release is even more important than it is in print publishing (partly because you don’t have a publisher’s Marketing machine behind you). Every reader should count and receive a great experience from your ebook.

Competition. It’s a competitive world out there; give your ebook the best chance of being read by ensuring that you’ve eliminated typos, grammatical errors and absolutely all spelling mistakes. There will, undoubtedly, be ebooks out there where the writer hasn’t rigourously edited – these let down the effort of the writer; do not allow your ebook to be one of them.

Enhancing the Story. Editing helps you to identify weaknesses and build out parts of your ebook you may have missed; it is a fantastic opportunity to fix them. Rushing out your work to tick the box of ‘complete’ doesn’t show your writing off to its full potential. Often, during the editing process, you’ll find parts of your story that need more work – this is okay; be pleased that you found them before your reader did.

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