iStream: Project Prometheus Part Three

We’re delighted and proud to unveil to you the final two parts of our Project Prometheus. We think that these enhancements add extra dimensions for our members to benefit from and enjoy, whether you’re a writer or reader (or both).

iStream: The ‘i’ in iWriteReadRate

The all new iWriteReadRate iStream is the social and collaborative glue that binds together our site. Designed to enable conversation and communication between iWriteReadRaters. It connects all the existing features and the new Project Prometheus enhancements.

Whether you’re a writer or a reader, iStream provides you with the opportunity to communicate, update, and keep track of other iWriteReadRaters and ebooks on our site.

Sound good? Login now to start using your iStream.

These new parts to iWriteReadRate combine with the existing elements to provide, we believe, an exciting platform for writers and readers to interact, discover, feedback and enjoy their mutual love of literature in all genres.

Discover more about our Project Prometheus:

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Writer Profile: Part Two

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PS – We’ll continue developing the site for you. More enhancements coming soon.

The Story of iWriteReadRate

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