4 Quick Reasons Why Building Your #Indie #Writer Platform is Rewarding

Continuing our “4 Quick…” Series, here’s a short article about why spending time developing your profile and connecting with readers is valuable to all writers, whether you’re aspiring, indie, or published. Read more…

4 Quick Reasons Why Building Your Indie Writer Platform is Rewarding

It takes time to build a platform and profile for yourself, however we believe in the age of The eBook Revolution - with the range of tools out there for you to make use of – it is an integral part of being a writer/author. It’s a paradigm shift and we’re actively encouraging the writers & readers of the world to unite.

Here at iWriteReadRate you can create your Writer Profile (personalise with your own URL, blog, social media & bio) and utilise our iStream to integrate with your other networks to build your readership and link directly to your iWriteReadRate ebooks.

Here are our 4 Quick Reasons:


Use social media to help your readers see who you are, what you’re about, and why they should connect with you instead of someone else. Your voice and personality is even more important now more than ever before. Get out there and show the world who you are and why they should buy into you and your stories.


We read a lot about whether you should or shouldn’t engage in conversation through social media. We’ve always been positively surprised and enthralled with the great discussions you can have, and the contacts you make by engaging through the channels you use to build your platform.


It’s harder to find new readers than keep those that have read (and liked) your previous ebooks. Growing a loyal readership is increasingly critical in the indie ebook world. If someone has connected with you, it means that they’re interested in what you have to say and you should nurture that relationship. It’s widely accepted that genuine interactions have more positive outcomes than simply pitching your wares. Note: sometimes this is hard to balance with wanting to promote your work!


Use the interactions on your social networks to give your readers a sample of your writing capability and style. Perhaps post tasters or short works to gain interest for your longer work (on iWriteReadRate you give members access to a short sample of your ebook). If you don’t have a blog already, now’s the time to start one and highlight it in your networks and profiles.

Remember that it’s always a juggling act on how much time you spend building your platform. Whilst it’s not all you should do (continuing to write is essential), we believe it should be an integral part of your routine. Enjoy it for the conversation & great new contacts it brings. Ultimately, you’ll get out what you put in.

Have you joined our social eBook community & eCommerce platform for writers and readers of fiction? You can now, for free, here: iWriteReadRate.com (read our About Us to discover more).

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