Keep a Watch for Project Metis & Our New Monthly Social Competition

Continuing with our iterative programme of enhancements to our social ebook community & ecommerce platform for writers and readers of fiction, this is a quick blog announcement for our new Project Metis.

Project Metis

We’ve had great interactions and feedback from our existing members about the features currently available on iWriteReadRate and the community has supported us in helping us in understanding what additional elements on our road map we should deploy next.

We’re excited to announce Project Metis, a series of enhancements that will add further functionality and usability to our site.

What is Project Metis?

We’re not in a position to reveal full details right now, however the project is now well underway and we’re looking to roll them out soon. They will be mainly focused around the reading experience, the ebook formats available and the options writers have for uploading their work.

New Social Competition

As part of Project Metis we’ll also be launching a new social monthly competition for both writers and readers to be a part of.

We’d ask you to keep a watch out for announcements coming soon about these exciting elements. We’ll let you all know through the newsletter and blog about what they are specifically and why these will further improve your iWriteReadRate experience.

New to iWriteReadRate? Read our About Us, User Guide ebook and FAQ sections on our site here to get started quickly:

iWriteReadRate…do you?

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Happy writing, reading and rating!

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