Project Metis Launch – #Kindle Format #eBooks & Online #eReader

Continuing our iterative development of iWriteReadRate we’ve integrated some additional features into our site. They’re designed to make reading our members ebooks even easier. Project Metis is now live.

We’re proud and excited to provide you with these additional features. The enhancements that Project Metis brings are:

Online eReader

Now you can read samples and full ebooks online in our handy pop-out eReader without needing to download or load them onto an eReader.

Kindle Format eBooks

Yes, as simple as it sounds. Our ebooks are now available in Kindle format, so no more need to convert them from ePub to Mobi before loading them onto your Kindle. You’ll now have the option to download directly in Mobi format, and then all you need to do is drag & drop the file directly onto your Kindle.

Note: if you’ve already uploaded an ebook you’ll need to do so again for the site to generate a Mobi and be available to sample in the online ereader. This should take no more than 2 minutes to re-upload in the Write tab, clicking edit on your ebook and then reattach your text/picture files. All new uploads will automatically generate these extra elements.

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Also, as part of Project Metis we’ve launched a new monthly social competition and micro-site for our members: find out more.

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