November Shortlist – eBooks To Vote For Now!

Hey everyone. Check out our November monthly ebook competition hosted on our micro-site Here’s some further details about the five November shortlisted writers and their ebooks – cast your vote on who wins this month now, your ebook could be listed next month!

Cast your vote in our exciting monthly competition for our writers to win a fantastic professional mini-critique of their ebook from a leading Literary Consultancy, Cornerstones.

Simply visit our micro-site and pick the ebook(s) you’d like to win. You can vote for more than one ebook, if you wish.

This month’s shortlisted ebooks, in no particular order, are:

The Ancient Mariners by David Burton - an action/adventure novel

Perking the Pansies by Jack Scott – a humourous novel

Reluctant Cupid by Jenny Conrad - a romance novel

News from Dead Mule Sway by Joan H. Young - a mystery novel

What Killed Jonathan Hamish by Marc E. Hopkins – a crime/thriller novel

Cast your votes now!

Five new shortlisted ebooks will be available for the December VoteForMyeBook competition – we’ll let you know when they’re live for you to vote and rate. Your ebook could be one of them.

Winners so far include: Martin Hyde for Traum, Pip Morgan for Herald of Freedom, and Caitlin McColl for The Jade Dragonfly. Keep an eye on our blog for posts about the advice they’ve received from Cornerstones.

Happy writing, reading and rating.

The iWriteReadRate Team

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