Guest Post: So Many Books, So Little Time by Melissa Foster (@Melissa_Foster)

We’re delighted to welcome Melissa Foster in this guest post for iWriteReadRate. Melissa is a bestselling author and involved in running a number of initiatives to support aspiring authors. Thanks to her for contributing to our blog. Here she is…

So Many Books, So Little Time
by Melissa Foster

If there’s such thing as the perfect way to spend a few morning hours, it would be with a good book, a comfy chair, and a warm cup of hot chocolate. Reading carries my mind away from my own tasks or troubles and into someone else’s dilemma, which, strangely, I find relaxing. Odd, right? Finding pleasure in someone else’s suspenseful drama? Yup, that’s the mind of this reader. Give me the chase of tracking down a killer or suspenseful family drama, and I’m a happy girl. Put that same action into my real life, and all sorts of unhappiness would occur.

The trouble with reading is that there are so many books out there—new books every day. How do you choose what to read? Recommendations of friends? Literary communities such as GoodReads?  Or do you sign up for every free ebook newsletter that you can find and download until you have too many books to read?

The avenues for finding books have changed dramatically. I’m a “cover girl”. The cover has to grab me and draw me in enough to read the back of the book, which then must compel me to read the first three pages. That works for me, though now even my path has changed. The cover brings me to the electronic sample rather than the back cover, making it even easier to purchase with one click. There’s never a need to leave my house (I’m not sure this is a good thing for my pants size).

I recently queried readers and found that many no longer look at covers at all. I can’t imagine this. It would be like looking at society naked! But alas, to each his own. With ereaders on board, choosing a book is as easy as receiving an email, clicking twice, and voila! You’re ready to read; ebook downloaded, ereader in hand.

As a writer, I still—and am sure I will always—suffer over every image on my covers and every word in the blurb on the back cover. I’ll list my books in several locations so readers can find me no matter which path they choose in their quest for the perfect afternoon read.

Clue us in, dear readers. How do you find and choose your books? What can authors do to make it easier for you to find them?

Article written by Melissa Foster, founder of Fostering Success, where she helps authors navigate publishing and book marketing, the World Literary Café, and The Women’s Nest, a social and support site for women. Melissa is also a bestselling, award-winning author.

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