Announcing “Project Anatole” – iWriteReadRate v2.0 – the social place to discover new stories

We’ve been a little quiet recently, but rest assured we’ve been very busy! We’re building a completely new version of iWriteReadRate utilising everything we’ve learnt from our v1.0 site currently online. We’re very excited about the plans we have, so register on our main site now to keep updated and be among the first to experience the all new iWriteReadRate.

Check out this article for a few peaks at the future and our brand new teaser video…

Project Anatole – iWriteReadRate v2.0

It almost goes without saying how much the publishing industry is in flux. It’s a cluttered and confusing time for writers and readers, as well as the publishers themselves.

For Writers reaching readers and breaking through the noise is a challenge. Creators of stories have never had so much control or power to own their own destiny.

For Readers there has never been so much choice and different formats to navigate before discovering and enjoying their next story.

For Publishers of all sizes technology continues to radically change their business models, route to market, and how they engage with their customers.

We’re here to help and with Project Anatole, a completely renewed, refocused and refreshed we will do so by being the social place to discover new stories.

It shouldn’t matter what technology you use. It shouldn’t matter how much time or money you have to spend on marketing. It shouldn’t difficult to get feedback or build a team of experts to help. Stories are personal, discovering them shouldn’t be a transactional and lonely experience.

Creating, consuming and selling stories should be fun, personal and social. It should be easy to discover, share and discuss stories. It should be easy to find new stories based on your tastes and moods. It should be easy to publish, promote and sell.

Literature of all kinds inspires, entertains and engages. The tools used to discover stories should reflect this.

Now, we’ll get off our soapbox and let you have a look at our brand new intro video… v2.0 – intro video

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Oh, and in case you wondered, Anatole was the ancient Greek goddess for the sunrise hour.

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