Your Support Needed – Help Us Make Version 2.0 Even Better For You…

Hey everyone

Hope you’re having a great November. How’s the writing going? Read any exciting stories recently?

As you may know we’re building Version 2.0 of iWRR based on all the insight we’ve gained from Version 1.0. To support this development process we’d love to hear from you all.

Click here for a super short survey that will help us to further refine the capability and value V2.0 will bring to you.

It would be fantastic if you could have a poke around v1.0 and also view our v2.0 intro video before completing the survey so everything is fresh in your mind. Whether you do these steps, or not, we’d really appreciate your input into this small piece of research!

Why would you do this for us? Hmmm, well we’d like to create the best damn tool for you, and you’d really be helping us do so; and, we’d be really pleased if you did.

Many thanks in advance

The iWriteReadRate Team

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