Advice & Tips for New iWriteReadRaters

We’re delighted to say that our Beta website will open tomorrow!

If you’ve pre-registered your individual password will be in your email inbox during tomorrow (29th April 2011).

We combined it with our April Newsletter. Keep a look out for it!

To make iWriteReadRate a thriving community of writers and readers we need you to get involved by uploading your work from tomorrow.

To support you in getting up to speed with iWriteReadRate from day one, this article runs through some advice for your ebook cover, pricing your ebook, and provides a quick overview on editing/formatting your work prior to uploading to our site, as well as some guidelines in relation to rating & commenting.

Great, you’re ready to get started.  Fantastic to have you on board.

Your eBook Cover Picture

We all know the saying that you should ‘never judge a book by its cover’, however covers are an important attention drawing feature of any book.  The same is true for ebooks on our website.

Your main ebook cover should be this size for upload: Min W:595/H:842 pixels

You can also upload a smaller thumbnail version of your cover for display on the site.  It should be this size: Min W:107/Min H:152 pixels

Most picture editing software will allow you to rescale your images to fit the sizes above.

Setting Your eBook Cover Price

We’ve been reading a lot recently about the price of ebooks.  It’s quite an emotive topic, it seems.  A lot of writers are saying that lower prices for ebooks devalues all the hard work that writers put into writing, editing, and presenting their stories.  Readers are likewise saying that a lower price point sets a low expectation of the quality of the ebook; however readers also say a lower ebook price may mean a higher likelihood for them to make an impulse purchase.

We think that it must be about striking a balance. At this point our thoughts on the matter are that a ‘fair price’ is important to achieve maximum ratings and downloads for your ebook(s).

We would suggest that you don’t under price or over price your work; set a fair price based upon the word count, reflecting the time you’ve spent writing, editing, and presenting it.  We recommend that you consider pricing your ebooks at or around the following points in whatever your chosen home currency is (options are GB£, US$, AUS$, Euro):

XS (3000-10,000 words) – Free to 0.99

S – (10,0001-17,500 words) – 0.79 to 1.59

M – (17,501-30,000 words) – 1.29 to 2.99

L – (30,001-60,000 words) – 1.99 to 3.99

XL – (60,001+ words) – 2.59 to 4.99

These are only suggestions as a guide for you, it’s totally up to you to choose a price that you’re happy with from the options provided, based upon the length of your upload.

If you’re looking to upload multiple works to our site, we’d also suggest thinking about pricing older work lower than newer work.  We think this is a great little idea for building your following and also increasing the value of your newer ebooks in the minds of your readers.

Deals of the Week will also be a feature that you can use to set week long changes to the pricing of your work – a short term promotional offer. This feature will be available later during the Beta phase.

Please be aware that we will never look to reduce the 60% writer commission across all size bands of ebook.  On the contrary, in the future we’d like to look to increase the share of the Cover Price that writers receive, if it becomes viable for us to do so.

Quick note: at present we don’t have to charge VAT or Sales Tax.  We’ll be looking into the options about how we integrate this in the future if it ever becomes necessary to keep The Tax Man happy.

Editing and Formatting

Editing is a crucial part for any writer during the stages of finalising any manuscript to show to other people and the outside world.  It’s really very important that you have judiciously self-edited spelling, punctuation, grammar and your overall work before uploading to our site.  By doing this thoroughly it will give you the best opportunity of being read, rated, and ultimately downloaded by other iWriteReadRaters.  We posted a basic, and fairly quick, self-editing article which may be worth a read if you’ve not yet done this already.  Find it here: Obsessive Self Editing = Part of Being a Writer.

Formatting your ebook for the upload to our site is also important to ensure that it looks and feels consistant for all your prospective readers and purchasers of your work.  As part of the editing process you should ensure that font, layout and spacing are consistent throughout the document. Also, should you wish to have a new page for the start of a chapter we’d recommend adding a ‘page break’ as this will help our conversion of the document to be consistant with your formatting.

Our site accepts uploads in the following formats, please ensure uploads are these file types:


We’re looking at expanding the upload format options in the future.

Rating and Commenting

Rating our writers’ uploads is a key element of our site, and provides invaluable feedback to help them develop.  Be constructive whenever rating or commenting on someone’s hard work.  We’re about being supportive to help prove and improve the work of our iWriteReadRaters. Unconstructive or wholly negative comments are in contravention of our site’s Terms of Use.

Final Thoughts

This Beta represents the first edition of our site – the beginning. We’ve tried to pack in as many great features from the start.  As writers and readers ourselves we thought hard about what we’d want from the site, and we sincerely hope that you can see all the work that has gone into delivering iWriteReadRate to you.

There are quite a few Social Media interaction features in the Beta, so please utilise them to publicise your upload within your personal networks.  This will help you get the word out about your upload.

There are also a myriad of additional features in the pipeline for our continual enhancement of the site, social interactive features, and general evolution.

So, what next?  Well, it’s really simple: get involved, upload your work, and interact to make iWriteReadRate a thriving and dynamic community.

Welcome to the iWriteReadRate Beta.

Check your email inbox tomorrow (29th April) for your password!

Happy writing, reading and rating, everyone!

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