The First Week of the iWriteReadRate Beta & Upload Competition

Hello there, our fantastic iWriteReadRaters!

It’s been just over a week since we opened the Beta site for uploads from pre-registered members and to start testing the site in a live environment.

This is quick post to give you an update about how it’s all going, and also to mention that we’ll shortly be launching an upload competition.  Read more…

Firstly, a big thank you everyone who has got involved, uploaded, and fed back to us so far – it is greatly appreciated.  You’ve really helped the Beta stage progress.

As a recap: we emailed out unique passwords to all pre-registered members on the 29th April, and we started having the Beta tested in a live environment.

If you pre-registered, check your email and visit our Beta.

If you have feedback on the Beta please email us at:

This is an important stage, it’s so that we can get any remaining bugs ironed out, your initial ebooks uploaded, and your feedback on the site ahead of a full launch.  It’s also your opportunity to get involved from the beginning.

As an update, the Beta has been going very well.  We’ve had a number of initial uploads and some great feedback about the site; as well as some bits that we need to improve going forward.  This is exactly what the Beta is for: testing and improving.

We’ve got a patch coming during this week for Internet Explorer to fix issues related to this browser.  All other browsers are working fine.

We’re aiming to have most of the significant patches applied by the end of this week.  Following this we’ll be looking to move into Phase 2 of the Beta.  What Beta Phase 2 involves is a fully functioning, tested, site and opening up to previously unregistered people.  It will still be a testing phase, but with only minor patches remaining to be added.

Take a look at our Advice & Tips for New iWriteReadRaters and The iWriteReadRate Beta Site is Open articles for more details on the Beta.

Our New Beta Upload Competition

During Beta Stage 2 we’ll also be launching an upload competition.  To qualify you need to be one of the first 75 uploads to our site.  We’re presently sourcing a fantastic writer services prize – watch this space for more details coming soon!

To qualify for our Beta upload competition you must have at least one ebook uploaded.  Anyone who has already uploaded will be automatically included in this competition.

It’s very exciting for us to see all the work coming together piece by piece, and we hope that you share our excitement too.

This Beta represents the first edition of our site – the beginning. We’ve tried to pack in as many great features from the start.  As writers and readers ourselves we thought hard about what we’d want from the site, and we sincerely hope that you can see the work that has gone into delivering iWriteReadRate to you.  There’s also more great stuff in the pipeline!

Happy writing, reading and rating everyone!

Best regards

The iWriteReadRate Team

PS – Our pre-launch registration competition to win a Sony PRS-350 eReader is now closed.  We’ll draw the winner once our testing phase is complete.

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