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We’ve packed in quite a few Social Media integration features into the site from the beginning to help you spread the word about an ebook on iWriteReadRate either as a writer or a reader.

This is a short article about using them to begin publicising the work and to start to receive ratings, feedback and downloads of the ebook. Read more…

iWriteReadRate provides a platform for writers at all stages of their journey to upload, publicise, receive feedback and also sell their work to help them improve and prove through interaction with other members, whether they be other writers or readers.

As a writer, building your platform is important to your development and exposure to readers, this is why we believe that Social Media is a key tool for you as a member of iWriteReadRate. We have included integration with various Social Networking tools into our website from the beginning to help you do this.

As a reader, these features will give you the opportunity to become actively engaged with the writers. You can help them on their writing journey through spreading the word and supporting them to get ratings, comments, reviews and downloads of their work whilst also reading lots of new exciting stories.

Individual eBook Social & Sharing Features

Twitter ‘Tweet’ Button

Situated at the top of each ebook page you can tweet about a particular ebook directly from the website.  This button will post a Tweet to your personal Twitter account to share with your followers.

If you’re the writer you should use this button once you’ve uploaded to start spreading the word about your ebook.

If you’re a reader that has read and enjoyed the synopsis, sample, and/or full download you should use this button to spread the word with your Twitter followers.

Facebook ‘Like’ Button

Also located at the top of each ebook page is a Facebook ‘Like’ button.  You should use this to share a particular ebook and post it to your Facebook wall.

If you’ve read the synopsis or sample of the ebook, and you’ve enjoyed it, you should use this button to share the ebook with your Facebook friends to help spread the word to give the writer the best opportunity of further ratings, comments, reviews and downloads.

Facebook Comments

Located at the bottom of each ebook page is a section entitled Facebook Comments. You should use this to provide feedback to the writer of the ebook once you’ve read the synopsis and samples of that particular story. It will ask you to login to Facebook, and will also post your comment to your wall which will help spread the word to give the writer the best opportunity of further ratings, comments, reviews and downloads.

You can also comment in this section by logging in with your Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail accounts. We don’t see or have access to any of your login credentials for external sites.

Other commenting features:

First Thought Thumbs – Once you’ve read a particular synopsis and/or sample you should use this to give a quick indication to the writer whether you enjoyed their ebook, or if it needs some more work. We’d suggest doing this and using the Facebook Comments to expand on why you gave it a thumbs up or thumbs down once you’ve read the synopsis and sample.

Reviews - When you have downloaded a full work you’ll have a new option to write a full review and give a five-star rating on that particular ebook. We’d suggest that you make this as thorough as possible to help the writer improve that work and their writing for the future. Under the terms of our site usage all comments, feedback, and ratings should be constructive and offer as much detail to help support the writer on their writing journey.

Your Ratings and Reader Class – You can go to the Rate tab at any time to view what downloads you’ve made but have yet to review in full. Remember, the more you rate and review on iWriteReadRate the more senior your Class will become. Your present Class and your number of reviews are visible in the Rate tab and as an icon next to your picture when you review an ebook.

iWriteReadRate Social & Sharing Features

‘ShareThis’ Button

On the right hand-side of the main page you can also share iWriteReadRate with your communities and friends on a wide range of Social Media platforms. These include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, Yahoo, Bebo, Blogged, Blogger, Instapaper, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Technorati, WordPress, email and many more.

If you like what we’re all about then we’d greatly appreciate it if you could spread the word with this button with your various networks on these platforms.

Facebook ‘Like’ Button for iWriteReadRate

On the right hand-side of most pages on our website is a connection to the iWriteReadRate Facebook page. If you like what we’re doing you can like us here to keep up-to-date with all things iWriteReadRate through your Facebook account.

Join us on Twitter

We try to be interactive by tweeting information and articles that we think are supportive and useful for authors at all stages of their writing journey. If you’re on Twitter you can find and follow us @iwritereadrate to keep up-to-date with all things iWriteReadRate and more from the fantastic people we follow ourselves.

Author Bio Advice – joining up your networks

We’d also recommend entering your Twitter@ and Facebook page URL into your Author Bio so anyone reading your work can connect with you on these platforms. Great for building your following and interacting with other writers as well as your readers. We’ll be making this integration slicker as a future development for the site.

All these features and more are available for free to writers on our site by visiting and logging in/registering here:

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Happy writing, reading and rating!

The iWriteReadRate Team

Other commenting features:

First Thought Thumbs


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