iWriteReadRate.com Factoids…(please RT!)


We’ve been posting over the last couple weeks some bite-sized factoids about our new website. This blog post covers off all the Factoids all in one place for you:


#1 – Unpublished writers will be able to upload, set a price, and receive feedback from readers at three different levels on their work.
#2 – Writers will set the currency to charge for their work – from launch options are £, US$, Euro, AUS$.

#3 – Readers will be able to view and rate any eBook synopsis and a short preview FREE before choosing whether to download the full document.
#4 – Readers provide direct constructive feedback to the writer to help them prove and improve their work at multiple levels.

#5 – Downloads will be available in PDF an ePub formats to be compatible with a range of devices from launch.
#6 – All payments on the website will be through PayPal and 100% secure.
#7 – Writers will be able to upload a picture to act as a front cover for their work.
#8 – Readers will earn points for rating writers work. The more you rate, the more points you will earn.

#9 – Writers will be able to complete a short profile/bio to sell their passion for writing as well as their work.
#10 – Five star rating system for synopsis and preview. Five star rating and free text review for full downloads.

#11 – Writers will be able to upload and sell five different lengths of work to our site and receive ratings at three levels from readers

#12 – Writers will earn 60% of the Cover Price of any downloads of their full work.  We will pay this 100% securely through PayPal.

#13 – Five lengths of work can be uploaded (XS/S/M/L/XL). The Writer can choose the price from a list of options.  XS/S works can be FREE for the full download.

#14 – Indy Publishers will be able to create a bio/profile for their company and upload their writers work prior to publication to test the market on our website.

Watch this space for more details around the site launch coming soon…

Don’t forget to register on our website to be entered into our pre-launch eReader competition - visit us at: www.iwritereadrate.com

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